Sannäs Zen, daily schedule
Here it is, Sannäs Zen’s daily schedule:

5.15 Herätys/Väckning 
5.40 Zazen ja resitaatio/recitation 
8.00 Aamiainen/Frukost 
8.40 Työkokous ja työ/Arbetsmöte och arbete 
10.10 Teetauko/Tepaus 
10.30 Työ/Arbete 
12.10 Lounas/Lunch 
12.40 Jälkisiivous/uppstädning 
13.10 Tauko/Paus 
14.00 Zazen 
17.30 Illallinen/Kvällsmål 
19.00 Zazen 

This is our current schedule outside of sesshins. Let’s walk it through!Wake up bell at 5.15. Simple as that. With help of little determination we make it to the Zendo in time.
Formal Zazen begins at 5.40. We sit two 30 minutes rounds, bell in the middle for those who wants to change posture. 90% does that. Afterwards kinhin. After kinhin we will have chanting, mostly in Finnish. But I must say: since we are located in the area where 70% of inhabitants are Swedish speaking, it would be fair to do chanting sometimes in Swedish. Which in a way IS our language we have used at the Zengården when chanting. Also our schedule i…
Hi everyone!
This I didn't plan to be my first blog writing ever, but I happened to find one video from YouTube that I want to share with you and therefore I must start this blog now. (This blog was going to be starting soon anyway.)
Eva Spoof from Udumbara Studio, is making eating bowls here in this video for Sannäs Zenji.
Sannäs Zenji is our year-round training center dedicated to Zen practice located in Karjaa, Finland. We are so much in the beginning with the retreat center that we don't yet have web-page for it. But practice as well as renovation/building projects are all starting in this summer.
This blog I planned to be a channel for introducing some ideas why a certain things are done in Sannäs Zenji in a certain way. Although Zen doesn't explain but rather is doing what needs to be done, here I will say a few words why we have Sannäs Zenji's way, the way it is. 
For example these eating bowls are someth…